AnthroNature by : Azad Saleh, Peter Chen, Cindy Yao

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The aim of the AnthroNature project was to augment access to the forest through a relaxing theme by the manipulation of sound and visual media. Moreover, by combining the full capacity of the arduino technology to trigger the sounds of nature as well as implementing a strong visualization through manipulating the aspect of space/position to evoke feelings of being in nature, a unified expression could be achieved. The idea was that this unification would intrigue the user into interaction with the objects that was avaliable to them by relating these to previous relaxing experiences from Swedish forests.

Below is the list of hardware used in this Augmented Body project:

1 IR sensor
1 LDR sensor
1 potential meter
1 handmade circuit can measure the resistance of water
3 resistors
2 Arduino board
2 high quality speakers
1 laptop installed both Arduino and Processing