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Inumflis. The car with pulse

Friday March 30, 2012

As the automobile augments the human body when traveling, Inumflis augments the sense of touch,offering the user the new ability of perceiving intangible distant objects, their speed and position, through the sense of touch, complementing the sense of sight.

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AnthroNature by : Azad Saleh, Peter Chen, Cindy Yao

Sunday March 18, 2012

The aim of the AnthroNature project was to augment access to the forest through a relaxing theme by the manipulation of sound and visual media.

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Multitasking Detox Aid

Saturday March 10, 2012

Multitasking is a tool to help people control their multitasking impulses when they are trying to get work done.

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"AnthroRelax", Sonic Simulation of Forest House

Tuesday February 21, 2012

The aim of the project is to simulate the ambiance of the forest/tree house in nature, to relax people in the sense of hearing.

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Friday February 10, 2012
previous concept as a starting point

The aim of the project is to pierce the barriers between the environment and the human body, whether they are natural or man-made, focusing on the sense of touch.

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Augmented Mind

Thursday February 9, 2012

The purpose with this project is to explore and exploit the effects that the use of gadgets and the internet have had on the way humans think and remember things.

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Telepresence Wall Project.

Thursday March 8, 2012

Our team decided to work on a project similar to Cisco Telepresence ( or Sony 3d Telepresence.

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Exploring SMART textile technologies

Thursday February 9, 2012

We worked in a group of 5 people and decided to brainstorm (See picture 'Brainstorming) general textile technology ideas to collaborate and discuss on some innovative and inspirational ideas.

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3D Binaural Sound Experience

Thursday February 9, 2012

The point of the project is to create an experience based on sound rather than on the other senses. The goal is to experiment the possibility to "trick" the brain using sound perception in a more accurate way than with visual simulation.

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Link to site with practical info on smart textiles

Thursday February 9, 2012

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Auditory Interfaces, Chapter 5

Monday January 30, 2012

Can be downloaded from here:

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3. Gesture Interfaces

Friday January 27, 2012

You can download the pdf for the presentation here:

Click on the images to go to the videos.

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Haptic Interfaces (chapter 2)

Friday January 27, 2012

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Hello World

Tuesday December 20, 2011
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