Welcome to Interaction Design Methodology

This course is organized by the Interaction Design division at the Department of Applied Information Technology, Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University, as a part of the Interaction Design programme.


The course introduces basic design methodology in interaction design with focus on design issues related to aesthetics. The course consists of several smaller exercises, a project, and an individual examination. Theory is combined with practical training to give students training in working systematically with the design of computational things and systems. Training in specific design methods are provided through exercises and the project while meta methods such as iterative design are aspects of the project.

Learning outcome

-understand the difference between the methods employed in craftsmanship, traditional design, and modern design
-develop and describe new design methods
-reflect on your own design process objectively
-criticize design processes with respect to methods used
-modify design methods to fit the context they are to be used in
-plan design projects with respect to design goals, stakeholders' requirements, and available resources and expertise
-design with regards to aesthetical issues of interaction


The courses TDA288 Human - computer interaction or equivalent are required.
You are expected to know the content of for instance the book by Preece et al: "Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction", or similar.
If not, please read up on it before the course starts.


The final grading [U, 3/4/5 or G/VG] will be based on a portfolio containing:

Exercises ___________Pass / no pass
Project _____________Pass / no pass
Exam ______________Grade

Final grading CTH and ITU students:
U: 0 - 15p or U on any assignment
3: 16 - 24p and G on all assignments
4: 25 - 30p and G on all assignments
5: 31 - 36p and G on all assignments

Final grading GU students:
U: 0 - 15p or U on any assignment
G: 16 - 29p and G on all assignments
VG: 30 - 36p and G on all assignments


Responsible: Johan Redström |:|:| idm11courseleader[]gmail.com
Teacher: Eva Eriksson |:|:| idm11examination[ ]gmail.com
Teacher: Annelise de Jong |:|:| annelise[ ]tii.se
Teacher: Brendon Clark |:|:| brendonc[ ]tii.se
Examiner: Staffan Björk |:|:| staffanb[ ]chalmers.se

Programme director: Olof Torgersson |:|:| oloft [] chalmers.se
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