Camilla Bergqvist

Alumni: Camilla Bergqvist

Name: Camilla Bergqvist
Interaction design student during the years: 2004-2006
Current job title: UX Architect
Company: Ericsson

How would you describe your job?
I work in service delivery projects and am responsible for the overall user experience. I work in all phases of the project. The early phases include user research, personas and workshops with stakeholders and wireframes among other things.

We often work with external graphic designers and I am the one who collaborates with them and provides the requirements. Often, I end up doing a lot of graphic design changes in the design after handover. During implementation, I support the developers with design decisions and do usability testing.
I really enjoy my job. Although a good UX is something that the end-user hardly notices (“well, this is exactly how it is supposed to work”) it is very satisfying to improve the daily work for the end-users and save them from frustrating systems.

What is the most useful thing you learned studying interaction design at Chalmers?
I learned more at the interaction design masters than in any other courses in my education. The hands-on projects with multi-disciplinary teams remind me a lot of the work I’m doing now since a large part of my work is to collaborate with developers and designers.

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