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ID&T Exhibition Follow-up

Last week our 2nd year students exhibited their designs on the topic “The Interactive Science Center”, which were made in the Interaction Design Project-course. The exhibitions featured two ways of learning how to programme a robot, an interactive storytelling application, a game for cleaning the ocean, and various educational designs covering astronomy, anatomy, Rubik’s cube solving, a cooperative piloting task in VR, and energy sources. All projects can be seen at http://www.idxpo.se/current/

The exhibition had plenty of visitors, since it coincided with the Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI’16), meaning that quite a few prominent interaction designers from Northern Europe came by for a quick look&feel, and stayed longer than they had planned. 🙂
– We have the science center Universeum here in Gothenburg, and our students have created future exhibits for it, teacher Josef Wideström explained.

TangiWeb, mars Rover and Ocean CleanUp were three of the designs at the exhibition.

TangiWeb, Mars Rover and Ocean CleanUp were three of the designs at the exhibition.

Tangiweb by Björn Winnergård, Johan Sjöberg, Anette Meritähti, Filip Carlén and Hannes Winbäck features one desk and one information display. Blocks are placed on the desk in order to manipulate HTML code which in turn is used to create a website. The blocks can also be scanned in order to learn more about the underlying code.
Mars Rover is a project by Fredrik Beckius Mathias Bylund Andreas Mikko and Sebastian Sylvan. Here, the objective is to control a Mars rover. Users construct a series of commands, send them to the rover and watch as the rover executes the commands, exploring the surface of Mars in search for signs of carbon based life.
Ocean CleanUp by Alexander Chau Nguyen, AntoHallin, Azer Vilic, Ronak Oskouipour, and Menghan Xu is a game which allows players to clean the ocean by moving their hand to control a net to make the trash and particles disappear. During the game, players will raise their hand first to let the Kinect recognize themselves, and a net will appear. 
Technology-wise it is a combination of Kinect and Unity.

All projects can be seen at http://www.idxpo.se/current/

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